Hi. Welcome to the Medi 2012 comic. I'd like to tell you a few instructions before you start. I retconned the comic. So it starts here.

First, I'll explain the navigation bar. Beginning will lead you to the link I posted above. Back will lead you to the previous real comic. Next will lead you to the next real comic. Back Filler will lead you to the previous filler (If any). Next filler will lead you to the next filler (If any).

I did that so you can choose to skip the fillers if you want to stay on the main story. If an arrow is red, you're either at the beginning/end of the comic or there's no filler comic.

Clicking Comics will lead you to the archives. It'll be split. Chrono is where I post only the comics in the order I want you to read them. Nav-1 is where I post the comics in the order they were uploaded to the site.


Technical Problems.

1. I see gray/white backgrounds behind some images.

Some images are transparent. If it's not black behind the image, then your browser doesn't support it. Medi 2012 is best viewed on Internet Explorer 7+ at 1024x768 or higher.

2. The text font doesn't match the ones used in your images.

BankGothic Lt BT is required to view this site correctly.

3. There's some slight horizontal lines in the comic.

The problem is due to the way FireFox interpretates .jpg images. There'll be some horizontal lines on patches of the similar color.

4. The arrows are messed up.

The website is currently under construction. However, only comics listed under the Chrono section of the archives should have proper navigation.

5. The Info page/comic shows a white box.

You need Flash to see it and some of my comics.



1. Why does the comic start on Ch. 04-01?

Basically, I restarted the comic. I started actually considering making a webcomic back in 2006. However, I had quite a bit of ideas thought of years before then. It wasn't until late 2007 that I was able to draw something I thought was good enough. Around Christmas time 2007, I finally decided to sign up for Comic Genesis. On January 14, 2008, my first comic page was posted.
Around April 2009, I realized how badly setup my comic was and how little readers I get. From story, to art, and even the website in general. On August 2009, I started my retconning. I made a new navigation system (Chrono and Nav-1) so I could keep my old comics intact and have my new comics read in order. However, the system was confusing and a mess.
On October 1, 2009, I started Medi 2012 Ver. 5.1. The Navigation system was fixed to combine my ability to reorder the story, keep filler comics out and be user friendly.
The comic was set to start on Ch. 04-01. Now, the story will be more coherent and structured than if I had just kept going on the same path. Currently, I don't even call it Ch. 4. I call it by it's name, "Freshma-er...fur".

2. What kind of comic is this and why is it rated Web-14?

It's a prediction of my future life mixed in with Sci-Fi, video games, politics and college. Mostly it lets you get to know Jan. Me.

It's rated for a mature audience. But the majority is suitable for teens. And some, younger. By mature, I don't mean age. I mean, can you handle political disagreements, representations of real world discrimination and pain, and have the knowledge to not imitate drug usage and the such.

"A furry story of a struggling college student going through life.
Though trouble arises, he can count on his friends (Or something corny like that)...and something else to watch him.

3. When do you update?

Usually Mondays. There's some dry spells every now and then. Currently, it's just whenever I finish a comic.

4. What's that device and symbol in the menu? And why does it say Agent Log?

I have no idea what it is. But it somehow show's the latest comic. Hmm...

5. Is it 2012?

No, actually, the beginning "Freshma-er...Fur" take place Monday, August 27, 2010.

6. So what's the significance of 2012 then?

You'll just have to wait and see. Could it be that Mayan thing? Maybe. Could it be something else? Very likely. What I can tell you is that I came up with this comic back in 2004 (Some ideas earlier) and am not jumping on the whole 2012 bandwagon.

7. What's Digi-Fur?

It's a parody of Digipen, a video game college in Redmond, WA. It shares the building with Nintendo Software Technology. I changed it because I don't actually know what it's like there and so I can take creative rights and alter it in the way I see fit for the comic.

8. Furries?!

No, Anthros. There's bugs and lizards too. :)

9. Why's there a blank space on the right?

I'm going to add pictures there later.

More sections will be added to this page as the story progresses. If you have any other questions, go on the Forums.


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